This is Kindredseed International

Welcome to the web page of Kindredseed International. We trust that you will be a regular visitor to this site as we promise to keep you posted on modern events made clear by prophecy. We trust also that you will take advantage of our free registration and register as a member so as to participate in all our programmes. Where necessary, we can also arrange and establish a chapter of Kindredseed International in your locality. Once again, the Lord bless you richly for visiting our site regularly and may His coming rejoice your hearts.

Our Aims and Objectives:

  • Printing and distribution of tracts for evangelism
  • Publication of such magazines and newsletters as “Sirs, Is This The Time?” and “Kindredseed Update” so as to keep the Bride posted on modern events made clear by prophecy, etc
  • Sponsoring/supporting of ministers for mission work
  • Organizing/supporting of camp meetings and weekend programmes
  • Arranging for street meetings
  • Production of recorded audio – visual sermons by identified God called men for use by the Bride
  • Establishment of Kindredseed International Resource Centres at localities that may require its services for closer missionary activities to the people
  • Establishment of Local Chapters of Kindredseed International at designated locations within and outside Nigeria
  • Rendering assistance to Message churches/set up
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Our Online Shop

Purchasing hard copies of our numerous sermons in Compact Disc, Books and literatures is easy. Visit our online shop and place your order for the products of your choice. You can also make donations online via our shopping portal.


    Membership of Kindredseed International is opened to all irrespective of gender, race or age as long as the person is a message believer and shares with the vision of Kindredseed International and is also eager to pursue it. Membership affords you the following:

            ·         Free messaging to members

·         Access to Sermons (Audio and Video)

·         Resource Centres

·         Ability to upload video clips.


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